Ultimate Guide to Unlimited Web Hosting Services

Picture this: you have just launched a new website, and everything is going on well. You even start receiving more visitors each day. Then boom! Your website gets penalized or worse still deleted by your host provider. Such a headache, right?

That's where unlimited web hosting comes in, and in this guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know.

So what is an unlimited web host? Let's dive right in!

What Is Unlimited Web Hosting?

What Is Unlimited Web Hosting Unlimited Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

Source: Web Host Machine

Unlimited hosting means you can host as many domain names as you want, host unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and bandwidth. With unlimited hosting plans, you don't have to worry about uploading many media files or having a surge in your daily site visitors.

To understand what unlimited website hosting means, let's take an example of a buffet. Any hotel owner knows that no matter how hungry guests are, they cannot eat beyond a certain limit.

Unlimited Storage Explained!

Unlimited storage simply means you have a lot of disc space that you cannot even exhaust. With such a plan, you can upload lots of images, videos, and files without worrying that your space could get full.

What Exactly Is Unlimited Bandwidth?

With unlimited bandwidth, you can enjoy data transfer to your website visitors without your site experiencing a time out or crashing. Bandwidth isn't the same as internet speed; rather, it's the capacity to transfer data from your website to the audience.

What Are the Different Types of Unlimited Hosting?

Here are the different unlimited hosting plans:

Shared Hosting Unlimited Hosting

For this plan, you share a server with other website owners. The resources are unlimited unless some individuals decide to overuse the resources with so many websites. Most unlimited plans are hosted on a shared hosting platform. In rare cases, some unlimited hosting plans are hosted on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or dedicated servers, in which case the costs per month skyrocket.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting (Overselling)

Using the same explanation of a buffet, guests cannot exhaust all food supplies. In that thought, hosting providers know that the site owners have too much capacity on bandwidth and disc space. The providers thus take advantage of that to oversell the remaining capacity to other site owners. With this option, you run the risk of slow loading speeds, especially if some users use more resources.

Typically, giant hosting companies boast large amounts of hosting capacities. These include computer servers, unlimited bandwidth pipes, workforce, and much more. Most websites run their daily activities using few resources. With this, the websites do not consume all their servers, and the hosting companies can re-sell the unused capacities, which is overselling.


This server contains your data and sites. It does not share any of these resources to a third party, thus the name "dedicated server hosting". You have full root access to customize this as you wish. The Dedicated plan has the MySQL server that allows quick access; this is unlike all the other plans where your MySQL databases are on separate database servers.

So, you now have the "what." Let's tackle the "how."

How Does Unlimited Hosting Work?

How Does Unlimited Hosting Work Unlimited Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

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This type of hosting works until you are using too much!

You can host as many websites as you can and even use the unlimited hosting bandwidth and storage as long as some conditions are met. The only problem is that some of these conditions are hidden, and you will not see them on the hosting site's website.

The website will continue sugar-coating things and telling you that you are on an unlimited subscription. The terms are often written as small prints at the ToS section. They come with one million-plus house rules are limitations. Be sure to check out the fair usage policy, ToS, and user agreement to get a clear understanding of what "unlimited" means.

Where can I host Multiple Websites? - Compare and Choose

Find out the cheapest and most supportive website hosting provider from the below comparison table.


Starting Price per Month

Money Back Guarantee

Disk Space

Domain Name

Reseller Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting




$14.95 USD/1yr

Lowest plan goes at $13.19

Green Greeks




Free domain name for 1st year

Lowest goes at $17.25

In-motion Housing




No Free Domain

Lowest plan goes at $15.39




10 GB

No Free Domain

Lowest plan goes at $9.99





Free 1 Year Domain Registration

Free Domain Reseller Account

Here is an overview of each:

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Unlimited Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

Source: A2 Hosting

A2 hosting unlimited gives you the opportunity of either hosting a single site or multiple of them in 3 unlimited hosting plans. These are Turbo, Drive, and Turbo. The Turbo plan comes with multiple options like site migration and free SSL setup, which perform up to 20 times faster.

Generally, A2 features, unlimited SSD storage hosting, A2 Optimized security and Optimized software, and Auto Let's Encrypt SSL installation. The company has an excellent performing server that has a hosting uptime above 99.95%.

Here, you will get sign-up discounts and have an opportunity to choose any of the four server locations. If you are a first-time customer, you will be welcomed with a free site migration package.


  • One of the fastest web host providers ever
  • Has advanced options like server-side caching system.
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Allows windows-based hosting
  • Broad server locations
  • Reliable backup system


  • Needs to improve the uptime
  • On-demand backups are paid separately

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Unlimited Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

Source: InMotion Hosting

Two main factors make InMotion Hosting the top web host - excellent server performance and warm customer service. It is thus the number-one hosting platform and has its flavors categorized into four - Pro, Power, Launch and Lite.

All the hosting plans allow an "unlimited" capacity in data transfer. Lite permits one site per account. The Launch, Power and Pro plans are a bit extensive and permit up to 2, 50 and 100 sites per account. Enjoy the free BoldGrid site builder of this provider and be sure of malware protection.

They offer reliable customer support and the uptime of this host is 99.99%. You will get a one-stop solution for all your hosting needs. Newbies are given free websites migration services.


  • 9.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free domains
  • A premium site builder is included
  • Free hack protections and automatic backup
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free website migration
  • Excellent tech support


  • High-level services can are only availed to “pro” level account holders
  • You’ll have to pay for full-year services in advance


SiteGround Unlimited Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

Source: SiteGround

Go for SiteGround if you want a company that provides remarkable unlimited hosting services with innovative features. One of these is the Super Cacheris that is an in-built tool that helps websites to load faster.

Let's Encrypt free SSL is another outstanding feature that gives you an ability to install the software in a few clicks, ensuring there is a convenience when users are securing their websites.

Site-Ground the hosting of unlimited websites. It runs on an "unlimited" MySQL database in the shared hosting and has a managed WordPress support and a robust caching for WordPress

You can add account collaboration when using this host. You will appreciate the easy setup of WildCard SSL and Let's Encrypt Standard. It also has a very reliable host uptime of 100%. You get to choose any of their five server locations.


  • Loads a site 4 times faster
  • Serves have a quick response times
  • 100% uptime
  • reliable customer support
  • Free daily backup
  • Auto-updates and optimized software
  • Free site migration


  • Limited resources
  • Costlier during the second term


HostGator Unlimited Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

Source: HostGator

HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space under its sharing plans. Unlike other host companies, HostGator will always warn you against spiking the server resources, which leads to suspension.

You'd rather consider this host as it has very clear limits with its shared hosting plans; nothing is hidden. The bandwidth usage of the company is often reset at the beginning of every month.

It features free mitigation, unlimited domain names, full root access, private name servers, 24/7/365 customer care support, unlimited MySQL database, and unlimited FTP users.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Comes with a cPanel Interface


  • Additional fee to restore from backups
  • Not very economical for business hosting

Is Unlimited Web Hosting Worth It?

In web host unlimited, the word affordable does not necessarily mean subpar or shoddy. Hosts strive to offer users better support, extra features, faster and reliable performance, stronger security, and easiest design tools. Users, on the other hand, strive to have unlimited WebHost while meeting the required conditions.

But the question is: “is unlimited hosting worth it?”

With the affordable price tags, excellence in performance, lots of free perks like money-back guarantee, free domain name, and hands-on expert support, you should consider it.

Unlimited web hosting tends to be cheaper for newbies but gets costlier as your websites grow. However, when compared to limited web hosting, this one is more affordable and thus worth it.

We are now clear on the topic of unlimited hosting for the web, right?

Generally speaking, unlimited resources tend to favor the large site hosts that have sizable resources. A quick recap on this is that everything in the world is limited, and this type of hosting is no exception. The term "web hosting unlimited" is a marketing term often sweetened by offers such as a money-back guarantee.

The unlimited hosting features like bandwidth and disk storage and bandwidth do not often determine the real vital qualities of a hosting plan or deal. Because site hosting is a competitive industry, companies will go out of their way to win newbies, including free Google Adwords credits and migration services.

The consumers believe that "more" is sweeter than "better," which is why the industry will continue to be a booming business. Now you know!

Be sure to check out our web hosting cost: staying within your budget.


Unlimited is not the synonym of infinite because 99.8% of the unlimited web hosting infinity plans have a catch. It is worth noting that, as long as the hosting company is offering important features, you rather go for unlimited than the limited plan. Most hosts offer money-back guarantees and free trials, so do not be afraid of testing out some of these before you commit to one provider.

Unlimited websites hosts are not out to con you by announcing that they are unlimited. After all, you will never find anything that is 100% unlimited especially with the shared hosting plans.