MikeHey there, this is Mike.

I’m an ‘IT guy’ and no, not the one fixing your printer or wifi although I do get quite the random call asking if I can fix the printer.

Up until recently I was working as a Server Administrator for one of the big hosting companies which for good reasons I won’t disclose.

After  thinking that there’s more to life than just dabbling in shell and Linux servers I decided to quit my job and pursue a different career path to start an online store, maybe someday I’ll compete with Amazon and get to sell discounted stuff on Black Friday.

While most of my time goes to my other ‘venture’ I decided to still stay somehow in the industry and start a blog that will make an impact and save you $$$ on hosting.

That’s how ‘The Hosting Institute’ started folks.  Such a coool name isn’t it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking;

Mike, there’s 100s of blogs out there reviewing hosting offers, why should we listen to you?

Well the reason is simple and I’m going to break it down in 3 big slices:

  • I have been working hosting websites and configuring servers for the last 9 years so I know my stuff.
  • I will buy whatever hosting package I’m reviewing and show you real data on how it’s performing.
  • I will break the reviews in easy-to-digest format which will help you, my reader, understand what you’re buying or if you even need it; I know for a fact some of you guys out there pay $xxx/mo on hosting while you could easily get away with paying $20-30/mo because your websites don’t need all that ‘power’.

That’s it for now folks.

Oh, and if you ever want to reach out to me with questions you might have or even just want to say ‘hi’ then hit me up on hello [at] thehostinginstitute [dot] com.