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Midphase was started in 1998 with a vision to create a company that would help people from all over the world come together on the internet and succeed. Based in Providence, Utah, Midphase has now over a million customers and has offices in London, Utah, Salt Lake City and Ukraine. It offers Midphase web hosting, dedicated servers, SSD VPS, managed hosting and many other services.

In 2002, Midphase was purchased by the UK2 group that also owns other well-known brands such as Westhost, VPS.net and 100TB. The company was then acquired by the Lloyds Development Capital, a private equity company in 2010. That the company has seen steady growth over the years is quite apparent for anyone to see. Since its inception, the company has grown swiftly to become one of the leading web hosting providers in the industry.

Like all its contemporaries, Midphase offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and promises to compensate the customer if they fail to deliver (or the downtime is larger than this number). To assure the customers, the company maintains a page where the customers can find real time information about the status of their services such as CHI control panel, chat service, legacy control panel and the phone system. 

In this review about Midphase hosting, we will look at some key features of the host such as pricing plans, customer support, uptime, security features and other factors.

Customer Support

Support can make or break a company and Midphase seems to be aware of this fact. So, they promise around-the-clock support from the company’s technical team to all their customers who are fully equipped to answer their queries effectively and professionally. You can also look for answers to commonly asked questions in their knowledge base and there is a blog as well where they address more topics. 

Knowledge Base

Midphase has a functioning knowledge base, called the “Midphase Help Center” which has lots of how-to guides, helpful articles and tutorials to make your experience a smooth one. The database is divided into several sections such as domains, emails, WordPress, DNS, cPanel among other topics. Not very surprisingly, the look and feel are akin to that of Westhost, but this is not surprising since they both share the same parent company.

All the sections are thoughtfully linked to other articles (if need be), and the Midphase blog also makes for some interesting reading with articles ranging from website protection, analyzing business costs, website builders and so on. 

Live Chat/Email/Telephone

The “Chat Now” button on the Midphase is displayed prominently and can be accessed from anywhere within the website. Before doing that, you would have to identify yourself (log in) and state the nature of your problem. The company claims that their staff is trained to tackle any problems at any time of the day, and going by the several Midphase reviews that we came across, we would have to agree. 

The ticketing system is as efficient as its competitors and standard response time varies from 4-40 minutes, which is not surprising. Midphase also displays a telephone number on their website (1-866-643-7427) if you are unable to find the answers to your queries via chat or email. 

Midphase is fairly active on the social network with channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


The company promises uptime you can trust on their homepage and even provides a status page which seems to be all the rage with a lot of hosting companies lately. It delivers 99.9% uptime, according to a lot of Midphase hosting reviews out there. As this blog entry states, the company considers server uptime to be their No. 1 priority, the engineers at the company guarantee an assisted reboot 30 minutes within receiving a server failure request.

Also, for every hour of experiencing downtime, the company promises to credit the customer value of one day of service, but usually, outages such as these are quite rare. Besides, Midphase claims that their data centers are in a FEMA-sanctioned location that is disaster safe.

This means that all their data on the shared platforms is stored at tier-3 data centers which provide the highest security, equivalent to that of major financial institutions and banks.

Key Features

Let's look at some of the key features of Midphase Hosting:


With this feature, you can create your own one-page website in less than 5 minutes that is streamlined and professional, is optimized for mobile and desktops alike and can be integrated with social media. You can pick a professionally designed template with no prior knowledge of coding.

This is not a separate product but comes as an add-on when you purchase a domain; or, if you are already a customer, all you need to do is log in to your CHI account to enable it.

SEO Guru

This is a tool that Midphase provides to optimize the SEO to your website and give you detailed reports on how your website is performing from a marketing point of view. SEO Guru claims to increase the traffic on your website, submits automatically to search engines including Yahoo, Google or Bing and is great to be used by those who are SEO novices. 

Your keyword performance is also monitored along with all traffic to your website and the software will prompt you if your website needs tweaking for the search engines. 

Money-Back Policy

Midphase guarantees you 30-day money back guarantee, which means they will return your money in 30 days if you are not satisfied with their service.

Pricing Plans

Midphase has been around for a long time, and naturally, have tons of offers on display. They do it all, from dedicated to shared hosting and everything in between! It offers dedicated email hosting, Cloudflare, a website designer and builder and domain names. We will look at pricing plans of the web, cloud VPS hosting and dedicated server prices. 

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Midphase Hosting Review | The Hosting Institute

Midphase offers affordable hosting and web solutions tailored to your needs. They have 3 great plans: 

  • Personal: This inexpensive plan is perfect if you are starting with a smaller website. For a starting price of $3.95 per month (for 12/24/36 and then $6.95 a month), you get unlimited bandwidth and web space, a free domain (available with annual packages only), 1 website and database included, unlimited emails, 1 subdomain, a dedicated IP address (at $2 per month), dedicated SSL (for $34.99 a year) and Stats2 Web Analytics (at $2 per month).
  • Professional: This plan is meant for multiple or larger websites which may require additional resources. For a starting price of $4.95 per month (for 12/24/36 and then $8.95 a month), you get unlimited bandwidth and web space, a free domain (available with annual packages only), 3 websites and 3 databases included, unlimited emails, 5 subdomains, a dedicated IP address (at $2 per month), dedicated SSL (for $34.99 a year) and Stats2 Web Analytics (at $2 per month).
  • Business: If performance and uptime are on your mind, then this plan is optimized for a complex website like yours. For a starting price of $5.95 per month (for 12/24/36 and then $10.95 a month), you get unlimited bandwidth and web space, unlimited websites, unlimited databases, unlimited subdomains and emails, and upon request, you will get a free dedicated SSL and a free dedicated IP address. You will also get free Stats2 Web Analytics.

With all the plans, you will get nightly account backups, 99.9% uptime guarantee, support response time guarantee, unlimited email accounts, Midphase cPanel control panel, Softaculous instant application installer, Ad-free hosting, exclusive client perks, free setup (worth $10), instant account activation and much more.

Currently, the offers are going at 43% off, so make sure you take a look at them. These offers are for a limited time only, according to the company.

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS Midphase Hosting Review | The Hosting Institute

For less maintenance and increased performance, this plan is deal and provides an easy-to-use control panel, managed services and dedicated resources. There are 4 plans on offer here.

  • Starter: For $45.82 a month, you get 1.4GHz CPU, 1024MB RAM, 20GB disk space, 1.5TB bandwidth, CentOS, free cPanel license and free SSL.
  • Standard: For $59.57 a month, you get 2.8GHz CPU, 1524MB RAM, 40GB disk space, 3TB bandwidth, CentOS, free cPanel license and free SSL.
  • Advanced: For $73.32 a month, you get 4.2GHz CPU, 2268MB RAM, 60GB disk space, 4.5TB bandwidth, CentOS, free cPanel license and free SSL.
  • Pro: For $91.66 a month, you get 6.3GHz CPU, 3072MB RAM, 90GB disk space, 6.75TB bandwidth, CentOS, free cPanel license and free SSL.

With this, you get a choice of 6 locations in the United Kingdom, the United states and Europe, auto failover, enterprise-grade storage, global network with over 200Gbit of capacity, UPS and generator backup, ECC registered RAM, redundant power supplies and much more. 

Dedicated Servers

All dedicated servers provided by Midphase are robust and are powered by an industry leading 1Gbit connection. They have a solid infrastructure that allows the company to provide an instant, secure and constant connection. They have 3 plans on offer. 

Let's have a quick look at them:

Dedicated Servers Midphase Hosting Review | The Hosting Institute
  • D2: For $117.60 a month (for the first month, then $147), you get Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 server, a choice of 4 or 8 cores, 2x1TB SATA HDD, 10TB bandwidth, a speed of 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, IPMI and root/admin access, 24x7x365 NOC support, biometric access control, redundant main power sources and much more. There is a 20% offer on this plan.
  • D3: For $130.90 a month (for the first month, then $187), you get Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 server, a choice of 4 or 8 cores, 2x1TB SATA HDD, 10TB bandwidth, a speed of 3.6GHz, 32GB RAM, IPMI and root/admin access, 24x7x365 NOC support, biometric access control, redundant main power sources and much more. There is a 30% offer on this plan.
  • D6: For $182 a month (for the first month, then $455), you get 2xE5-22650 v3 servers, a choice of 2×10 cores, 4x4TB SATA HDD, 100TB bandwidth, a speed of 2×2.3GHz, 64GB DDR4RAM, IPMI and root/admin access, 24x7x365 NOC support, biometric access control, redundant main power sources and much more. There is a 60% offer on this plan.

You get on-site professionals to monitor and provide assistance, advanced canopy cooled cold row cooling, 24x7 security and digital video surveillance, managed firewall and data backup services (optional), redundant power sources and other services.

Security Features

Let's look at the main security features:

Two-Factor Authentication Security

While accessing your Midphase account, this two-step verification process provides an extra layer of security. If you need to login to your account, you will need a passcode that would be sent to your mobile phone to be entered into the digital screen. Read more about this process in detail here.


This technology acts as a guard against malware and hackers, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and other methods that are used to steal the customer’s data or redirect traffic. SiteLock begins scanning emails and websites immediately, with no technical expertise required from the user. This is a paid service provided by Midphase, and you can find the details here.


By using Cloudflare, your website loads at much faster speeds and your website is protected from malicious threats, spammers and hackers and is used by over 2 million websites. It can save your bandwidth up to 60% and will cache all static files at its content delivery points, making the content faster. This is a free service (there is a paid version available as well) and you can read more about it here

Pros and Cons

Wondering what are the best things about Midphase hosting? Good, let's look at them:


  • No hidden fee or penalty, you get what you pay for.
  • 9% server uptime, which means your site(s) stay up and visible at all times.
  • Dedicated customer service that is responsive and knowledgeable and is available 24/7 for new or existing customers.
  • Inexpensive pricing.
  • Migrate all your data and databases from your old host to Midphase absolutely free of cost.
  • SSL certificates bundled free with their business hosting.
  • Free domain name.


  • Some customers have complained about encountering slow speeds sometimes.
  • No language options available in customer support; English is the fixed language.


Midphase has been hailed across industries as a trusted hosting company for their high performance and 24x7 customer support. This is an overall great host that has reliable servers, affordable pricing and a wide range of host options. There is something for everyone here; they can handle large or multiple websites, complicated websites and even small blogs with ease. We hope that this Midphase web hosting review will help you decide if Midphase hosting is the right provider for you.