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MDDHosting is a rather young company (compared with the other companies we have reviewed), having been founded quite recently in 2007, and claim to provide extremely affordable services to their clients. Regardless, the company prides itself in what they have to offer their clients and who they are. The company, founded by Michael Denney is headquartered in Indiana and has a data center in Denver, Colorado. 

The company may be a small provider among giants but has seen great growth since its inception. The company claims that it has been built on morals, and thus, does not charge their customers higher than they have promised and does not monopolize the prices. The company claims that it uses the best available servers in the business to provide their customers with the highest level of service possible. 

Their datacenter in Colorado gets power feeds from a number of substations. Seven air handling units that feature N+1 redundancy control the cooling and humidity. These are HVAC units that help keep the operating environment at a steady 70 degrees throughout the datacenter. The fire safety features a pre-action dry pipe suppression system and an early detection system that protects the entire facility. 

According to the company website, the connectivity includes Level3, TW Telecom, Comcast, Internap, RMIX, Global Crossing, Savvis, Hurricane Electric, UUNET, and XO. In this MDDHosting review, we will take a look at the company’s pros and cons, their pricing, some features and other factors. 

Customer Support

The company promises and provides fast and efficient customer support through the standard support methods such as support tickets, phone, email and of course, the recently-added chat.

Live Chat/Email/Telephone

Various MDDHosting reviews have praised how fast the customer service works and in some cases, tickets have been answered as quickly as 3 minutes, which would make chat support of some companies look like email support! Customers often send screenshots of error messages (and often do) to the support team, which they consider to be a far better mode for analyzing actual error data.

They also often provide their customers with email addresses that can be reached out to send a support ticket rather than contacting the support system directly. 

The company also offers phone support (1-877-412-4678) for billing and sales from Monday to Friday (8 AM-5PM ET). The customers are full of praise for their support team, and have described them as quick, kind and knowledgeable, and have even gone ahead and called it “perfection”.


The company’s support page has a lot of sections such as affiliated and announcements, which is linked to their blog which informs customers about new developments in the company and more often than not, they can often avail of an MDDHost coupons here.

It also features an extensive knowledge base which is subdivided into many sections, such as account questions, FTP, cPanel, SSLs, virtual private servers and so on.  What you are unable to find in this section, you might stumble upon in the MDDHost forums, which, at first glance look fairly busy. 


So confident is the company of their StorPool powered servers, MDDHosting provides an unprecedented 1,000% uptime guarantee and back it by a service level agreement. A 1,000% guarantee means that if your server is down for even a minute, you can request for 10 times the actual amount of downtime. Which essentially means that you become entitled to 10 hours of credit if their servers are down for an hour. 

They back up this claim by providing a status page which you may have seen with some other companies such as Midphase. You can check if there are any issues using the real time overview of their servers. 

Key Features

MDD Hosting Features

StorPool Powered Cloud

MDDHosting employs a new storing platform called StorPool from NimbleStorage CS500, which they claim is distributed, self-healing and highly available. The system is fully redundant and synchronously stores multiple copies of the data across several servers and storage drives with no single points of failure. In the unfortunate event of failure of the hardware that is hosting your account, all the data will not disappear but will be made available on a new piece of hardware. This is what makes the company very confident in offering a 1,000% guarantee. 

The new system allows for a 1,200% boost in the total bandwidth and a 900% increase in I/O operations per second. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your cloud hosting and reseller services, MDDHosting offers unconditional 30-day money back guarantee within the first 30 days. Please note that only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. This is not valid for people who either already have an account with the company or have signed up for a second time. 

Daily Offsite Backups

The company claims that they take daily automated backups and store them at an offsite location for at least 7 days. That should give clients ample time for a restore in case of a mishap.

Free Website Transfer

If you are hosting with another provider (and using cPanel), and want to switch to MDDHosting, the company will do it for you without charging you anything. If you are not on cPanel or the previous provider does not allow access to full cPanel backups, a one-time fee may apply. You can read more about it here. 

LightSpeed Cache

With LightSpeed, you have the power to cache logged in users and shopping carts and thereby improve performance, with the powerful tag-based smart purge technology. With minimal fuss, you can turbocharge popular plugins such as Drupal, MDDHosting WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, XenForo and MediaWiki. To know more about this technology, click here. 

Pricing Plans

Let's quickly summarise the pricing plans:

Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting

With MDDHosting’s cloud hosting plans, you can gain scalability and reliability without worrying too much about running your own server. As your site grows, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a new server to find new resources. 

They have 9 plans:

  • Cloud Starter: For a starting price of $5.99, you get 0.5 core CPU power, 0.5GB RAM and 10GB disk space. Annually, the plan costs $5 per month, $4.50 per month (biennially) and $4 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 1: For a starting price of $9.99, you get 1 core CPU power, 1GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $9 per month, $8 per month (biennially) and $7 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 2: For a starting price of $19.99, you get 2 core CPU power, 2GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $18 per month, $16per month (biennially) and $14 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 4: For a starting price of $39.99, you get 4 core CPU power, 4GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $36 per month, $32per month (biennially) and $28 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 6: For a starting price of $59.99, you get 6 core CPU power, 6GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $54 per month, $48per month (biennially) and $42 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 8: For a starting price of $79.99, you get 8 core CPU power, 8GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $72 per month, $64per month (biennially) and $56 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 10: For a starting price of $99.99, you get 10 core CPU power, 10GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $90 per month, $80per month (biennially) and $70 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 12: For a starting price of $119.99, you get 12 core CPU power, 12GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $108 per month, $96per month (biennially) and $84 per month (triennially).
  • Cloud 14: For a starting price of $139.99, you get 14 core CPU power, 14GB RAM and unlimited disk space. Annually, the plan costs $136 per month, $112per month (biennially) and $84 per month (triennially).

With all these plans, you get unlimited domains and MySQL databases, SSH access (on demand), cPanel control panel, a free website security pack, SitePad site builder, CloudFlare Railgun support, unlimited email accounts, PHP version selector, Softaculous application installer, ModSecurity WAF and much more. 

VPS Hosting

vps host

You are guaranteed high performance and reliability with MDDHosting’s VPS servers that are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware. They have 3 plans: 

  • VZ 2G: Starting from $63.71 per month, this plan gets you 100GB centralized SSD accelerated storage, 1TB bandwidth, 2GB dedicated RAM and 2 CPU cores.
  • VZ 4G: Starting from $112.46 per month, this plan gets you 200GB centralized SSD accelerated storage, 3TB bandwidth, 4GB dedicated RAM and 4 CPU cores. You also get a network port speed of 1,000MBPS, 2GB VSwap (RAM that is above and beyond the dedicated RAM), managed servers, cPanel and WHM, 2 IP addresses and auto-provisioning.
  • VZ 6G: Starting from $157.46 per month, this plan gets you 300GB centralized SSD accelerated storage, 5TB bandwidth, 6GB dedicated RAM and 6 CPU cores.

With all the plans you can have optional add-ons such as LiteSpeed web server (from$15 per month), WHMCS billing system (for $19 per month), Softaculous application installer (from $2 per month) and additional IP addresses ($5 per month).

You also get the CentOS 7 operating system, instant reboots, daily offsite backups, SolusVM VPS control panel, Open Vz6 virtualization and full root access.

All the plans can be had on an annual, biennial and triennial basis. You can see the details of these plans here. 

Reseller Hosting

These hosting solutions will enable you to manage and expand your clients. They have three plans:

  • Basic: The plan starts at $22 per month and gets you 50GB of SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel account limit of 50, and enabled overselling. The plan can also be had on a month-to-month basis for $24.50, or annually for $22.05 (per month).
  • Intermediate: The plan starts at $44.55 per month and gets you 100GB of SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel account limit of 100, and enabled overselling. The plan can also be had on a month-to-month basis for $49.50, or annually for $44.55 (per month).
  • Advanced: The plan starts at $67.05 per month and gets you 150GB of SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel account limit of 150, and enabled overselling. The plan can also be had on a month-to-month basis for $74.50, or annually for $67.05 (per month).

With all the plans, you get MDDHosting nameservers, optional WHMCS billing system, white-labeled servers, fault-tolerant highly-available hardware, cron jobs, SSL secured webmail, web host manager, unlimited FTP accounts, GD graphics library, ImageMagick, MariaDB, cURL library and phpMyAdmin. 

You are also made available advanced features such as DNS zone editor, availability of SSH access, e-Commerce compatibility, daily offsite backups and Magento compatibility.

Security Features 

Let's quickly look at some of their security features:


SiteLock automatically scans your website for malware and protects your online reputation for your peace of mind. Your website is scanned for malicious code which is removed automatically if found, and your website and visitors are protected against threats.

However, this is a paid service and you can read more about its plans and more features here.

SSL Certificates

If you are a website owner, you should always make sure that your customer’s details are secured. You certainly don’t want hackers to steal that information and ruin your reputation. SSL certificates encrypt the communication between your site and customers, and MDDHosting provides you with a multitude of these. 

You can opt between RapidSSL certificates, GeoTrust QuickSSL premium certificate, GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV and RapidSSL WildCard certificates. These are paid services and you can get more details about them here.

Fraud Detection

MDDHosting takes fraud very seriously and has put in automated systems to screen all new orders for just that purpose. They have a set of automatic guidelines to determine which orders to block or not and is later manually reviewed.

Know more about how it works here.

Pros and Cons

Let's look at some of their main features and also disadvantages:


  • Excellent customer support service which is acknowledged in their own support forum and in several reviews
  • Most plans come preloaded with great features
  • There is no setup fee which is a great relief for new customers
  • 1,000% uptime guarantee which is unprecedented
  • One of the best-configured systems for busy to very busy websites


  • Some customers have felt that the uptime guarantee does not hold up and can be inconsistent at times


MDDHosting is an overall solid performer with more pros than cons as you can see. They have a customer service their customers can vouch for, excellent infrastructure and an unheard-of uptime guarantee. This provider is for you if you are comfortable running your own website and you want a reliable company that is quick to answer any queries and have a transparent policy.