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What You Need to Know About Free Web Hosting WordPress 

Have you wondered if you can use WordPress for free? Well, yes you can! It's free and open-source software. If you're wondering "why is that?" then keep reading! We're here not only to help answer that but we will also discuss how you can get it for free and how that works.

We made a list of questions that can help you understand everything about free WordPress hosting:

Do You Need Web Hosting for Your WordPress Site?

The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. This is because there are two versions, and offers free WordPress hosting that you manage on your own., on the other hand, offers a free domain and website without signing up for a web host. However, you will need a subdomain to use it.

When Is a Subdomain Needed and Which Types are Available?

Using is like renting an apartment instead of buying a house. Your site can exist on this site but you will be using a sub-domain. You need the subdomain to make an extension on your primary domain.

When you add a subdomain, Under your web host, you can choose these from your display options:

  • Show WebSpace content
  • Forwarding
  • HIdden Forwarding
  • Show “Domain parked” note

Here's a sample of how it should look like when you create a subdomain:



Can I Host My Website on WordPress?

Yes, you can host and control your own WordPress site. Self-hosting relies on the software from configured via a stream-lined one-click installation. 

If you’re going to use the self-hosted version, you can unlock the full potential of your site

When Should I Host My Own WordPress Site?

Choosing to self-host depends on your goal. If all you need is an online presence, using free blogging platforms is already great. However, from a business perspective, you must have your own hosting to have full control over your site. 

Benefits of Self-Hosting Your Site

We made a list of benefits of self-hosting your own site. After all, from this perspective, you can check if the benefits can help you get to your goals. You will have the freedom over the following features once you self-host:

Control Over Theme and Plugins

When you thought of creating your site, you have probably already envisioned how it should look like. is greatly limited in terms of theme selection and plugins. You have a library of free themes and plugins and premium features when you choose to self-host.

Improved Site Performance

Self-hosting means you can choose the best host for your specific needs. When you get the most out of your site, you can install plugins for further loading speed performance.

Convert Your Website to a Business Site

WordPress hosting your own site will not limit how you generate money from your content. You can install plugins that will help you sell affiliate products, make your own courses, and so much more!

Does WordPress Have Free Hosting?

Yes, WordPress offers free hosting! Allow us to provide an explanation for that. For starters, you should know that under GNU General Public License, anyone can download the WordPress software. However, you could possibly pay up for:

  • Hosting
  • Premium support
  • Updates of premium plugins/themes
  • Premium themes
  • Premium plugins

How Can I Host My Own WordPress Site for Free?

While WordPress is open-source, meaning it’s 100% free, you will still need to power it.  You need to own a domain name and web host at the same time before you can launch a website. Without those, there is no way that people can visit your site.

With self-hosting, you have the freedom to have the following main features:

  • Use of WordPress without any restrictions
  • Custom domain, and add or remove any default features
  • No restrictions for various marketing strategies using WordPress ( as long as it's published under the GPL license)

Self-WordPress Hosting gives you the option to use your own server or find a web hosting service. You have full access to all the site files and codes however you like. 

To have full access to all the features of self-hosting, follow these steps:

1) Get hosted

The first thing that you must have is a server. You need this to upload your important files. You need a host that supports MySQL and FTP. This should make the process a lot easier for you, but most hosts will support both features anyways. 

2) Choose a domain name

It’s time to name your site after you have settled with a host. Pick a name that is good enough to get you started. Register that name so that you fully own it and no one else can use it. Usually, you register your domain name with your host. 

3) Create a custom domain

This is where you download your WordPress Installer. Once it’s downloaded, extract it in one folder and save it. To upload your files, it would take hours, that’s where FTP comes in. Find out the FTP details of your Web Host. Usually, you can find it listed on the control panel of your account. Download your FTP client, your FTP host, username, and password. It should take you a couple of seconds to connect.

4) Generate your content

Finally, it's time to publish your content! Now that you’re finished, enjoy your free hosting!

How Do I Get a Free WordPress Domain and Hosting?

Self-hosting relies on the software from that you configure through a streamlined one-click installation. You can either install your WordPress site with your own server or find a free hosting service.

A free domain and hosting access means costless access to thousands of plugins and downloading the software. While you can install free plugins, you may also purchase other plugins.

Also, check our cPanel Web Hosting Guide.

Top Free Web Host Sites for WordPress

Check these top free web host sites that you can use for your WordPress website:

AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting | The Hosting Institute

It is a US-based website hosting company that has world-class hosting facilities for a decade now. They are able to provide the international community with over 55,000 web hosting accounts. This free WordPress hosting guarantees a 100% costless hosting for a lifetime. Unless you need more features, then you pay for it.

Diversely, it ranges of repeatedly useful hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and Dedicated Servers. Also, Accuweb hosting can run on platforms like Windows and Linux for your free WordPress page.

WordPress Hosting | The Hosting Institute

It's one of the best free WordPress hosting platforms available, used by more than 60 million websites! Unlike, the site will take care of all the hostings because it is an open-source tool. You don’t even have to buy any software or pay for the hostings. You can create a free WordPress by presenting great upgrades for things like VIP hostings partnered with major media outlets.

Byet Hosting | The Hosting Institute

This free WordPress hosting network maintains its own clustered hosting network. It is a powerful and easy to use platform with unlimited disk space. Unlike other hosting for websites out there, they offer customer support without paying anything. If you're only up for small projects or blogs, choose this free WordPress hosting!


AwardSpace Hosting | The Hosting Institute

This is another major hosting company that offers cheap hosting services. It offers free 5 GB Bandwidth and 1GB disk space.

You are allowed to have 1 domain and 3 sub-domains that you can access in one email account. It has spam protection and customer support. Even if you are using the 'free hosting for web version', it's unlikely to face downtimes. If you opt for a premium plan, it’s definitely worth the money!


x10Hosting | The Hosting Institute

This one powerful free WordPress hosting is practically a complete hosting package. With their plan, you can set up a free subdomain and more disk space. You can have 2 add-on domains, 1 parked domain, and 3 subdomains. It can easily set your site in just a matter of minutes. The free hosting package can create 3 email accounts and FTP accounts. Also, it offers free hosting without ads for your WordPress blog.


Infinity Free Web Hosting | The Hosting Institute

It is considered to be one of the best free WordPress hosting providers. Over 300,000 people are using this free WordPress hosting provider. As a free WordPress hosting, they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space! In addition, they offer unlimited domains and 10 email accounts. 

They can provide an excellent 99.99%  uptime free hosting service without any ads. Moreover, this one-click away hosting service has DNS Service, Cloudflare CDN, and SSL for all sites, all for free!


Freehostia | The Hosting Institute

Freehostia offers an easy to use free hosting service. It has a 1 click web application installer even if it offers free hosting! Also, this free hosting doesn't have any time limit, use it as long as you want to!

They offer a single no ad and free hosting plan that you can install.  This is perfect for those who need to upgrade their site for a low-cost premium plan later on. It has a fast server speed with brilliant features like PHP, FTP, and more. The Chocolate hosting plan offers 6GB monthly traffic and 250MB disk space. In case you need customer service, you may contact them as well.


100WebSpace | The Hosting Institute

If you are just getting started with your website, 100WebSpace is hassle-free. It has a basic set of features and a bonus Web Apps Installer. In just a matter of minutes, you can easily launch your blog and photo gallery. Also, it has multilingual control panel features.

If you choose the free version, you can still contact customer support just like the premium plan. Once you decide to go for the paid option, you can easily switch later for more features.

Cloud Access.Net

Cloud Access.Net | The Hosting Institute

It's specialized for Joomla and WordPress Hosting.  They have great services like free tutorials and an industry-leading support team. Every free subdomain has a basic Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for robust management and easy automation.

With a 99.99% uptime-guaranteed service, no need to worry about downtime issues!  If you need help, their team is always ready to help the clients design their websites. While it's free, you can also upgrade to a premium version for more support and management.


000webhost | The Hosting Institute

If you’re looking for a hundred percent unlimited free hosting for life without commitment, then this is for you! In fact, it is not a demo or a trial version once you use this hosting service. Easy to sign up with this service.

It can work with databases as well as access to industry-standard database tools. Unlike any other free WordPress hosting, the uptime is more than 99%.  Also, it is easy to sign up with a variety of cheap monthly plan subscriptions to choose from.  


The WordPress software is free for you to download and use. You can customize it, extend, redistribute, or sell while it's licensed under GPL. It is up to you on how much you’re willing to pay. But given that WordPress is a one-click free software, it shows the value for money. To have a great functioning site, you need to have a quality host provider. You can go for a completely free hosting option. But it is still worth paying a little extra for a professional website.

Have we tackled everything that you want to know about free WordPress hosting, let us know! Write a comment below or email us! We’d love to hear from you!