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Cheap Dedicated Hosting in 2020

Last updated on: July 2020

If you run a big website or are associated with one, you would know the importance of dedicated hosting. The best thing about it is that it is available only to the owner and is not shared, and hence, is much faster because of the lack of congestion.

So, if performance is what you are looking for, and you have a limited budget available, cheap dedicated hosting is the way to go. While there are many options available for you in that regard, you should first look around for the best possible options.

And this is where we step in.

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best providers that offer cheap dedicated hosting and the factors you should be looking for before making the choice. These providers are:


siteground dedicated

Siteground was founded in 2004 and is an independent company. It is a Bulgaria-based company, but provides services worldwide and promote themselves with the tagline “Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care”.

Siteground offers to host your websites on high-end machines that are handled by their experts. On top of that, they offer proprietary software to help give you more functionality and boost your server performance. They may not be the cheapest, but they provide their customers with DDoS protected dedicated servers.

They offer 3 plans:

  • Entry Server Plan: This is priced at $269 per month, and offers Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD servers that clock a speed of 3.30Ghz with 4 CPU cores, 8 CPU threads, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 8MB CPU cache, 480GB SSD and a bandwidth cap of 10TB.
  • Power Server Plan: This is priced at $349 per month, and offers Intel Xeon E3-1270 SSD servers at a clock speed of 3.50Ghz, 4 CPU cores, 8 CPU threads, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 8MB CPU cache, 960GB SSD and a bandwidth cap of 10TB.
  • Super Power Server: This plan is priced at $729 per month, and offers 2 Intel Xeon E3-2630 SSD servers at a clock speed of 2Ghz, 2×6 CPU cores, 2×12 CPU threads, 64GB DDR3 RAM, 15MB CPU cache, 2x960GB (RAID 1) and a bandwidth cap of 10TB.

Siteground lets you choose from 3 data center locations — the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. They pre-install and maintain the software that you will need on your server. The other important features they offer are: 

  • MYSQL 5 and PostgreSQL
  • 5 PHP versions (including PHP 7)
  • Apache/Nginx & CentOS
  • SSH access
  • Private DNS server setup
  • IP tables firewall
  • 5 free dedicated IPs
  • Free Cloudware CDN


  • 24/7 VIP support and claims that your issues are handled by real experts on chats, tickets and phone
  • Entry plan is great value for money
  • Excellent hardware support
  • Remarkable uptime of 99.99%
  • Bulked security features to ensure your servers are protected


hostgator dedicated server hosting

You have seen them everywhere, and for good reason; they have been around since 2002, have over 8 million domains and are one of the largest providers in the world. Apart from dedicated hosting, they also offer plans for WordPress, cloud, cheap VPS dedicated servers and cheap dedicated game servers and even guides such as this. Let’s take a look at their pricing plans and features.

  • Value Server: Priced at $119 per month, this plan offers Intel Xeon-D CPU with the option of 4/8 threads, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Power Server: Priced at $139 per month, this plan offers Intel Xeon-D CPU with the option of 8/16 threads, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD or 512GB SSD and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Enterprise Server: Priced at $149 per month, this plan offers Intel Xeon-D CPU with the option of 8/16 threads, 30GB RAM, 1TB SSD and unmetered bandwidth.

As of now, all the plans are being offered at 37%, 44% and 45% off respectively. All plans are available with Linux or Windows OS. These are some of their other important features: 

  • DDoS protection
  • RAID-1 configuration
  • Dedicated IPv4 IPs (3-5)
  • Unlimited databases
  • Full root access


  • Quickly manage your website with tools such as Plex control panel and WebMatrix
  • This is available 24/7, 365 days a week via live chat and telephone
  • Options of SSD available to boost your server’s performance, apart from the highly-reliable and efficient server performance
  • Free migration of your website from your old host to Hostgator


Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting

Founded in 2003 in Provo, Utah, Bluehost is among the oldest hosting companies and now serves over 2 million websites (and growing every day), providing the highest quality of service. They employ more than 750 people to help their customers round the clock and have had a partnership with WordPress for over 10 years. Like its contemporaries, Bluehost offers three plans — Standard, Enhanced and Premium.

  • Standard: This plan right now costs $79.99 a month (down from 119.99), and offers CPUs with 4 cores at 2.3Ghz, 8 threads, 500GB mirrored storage, 4GB RAM, 5TB bandwidth, 1 domain and 3 IP addresses.
  • Enhanced: This plan right now costs $99.99 a month (down from 159.99), and offers CPUs with 4 cores at 2.5Ghz, 8 threads, 1TB mirrored storage, 8GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth, 1 domain and 4 IP addresses.
  • Premium: This plan right now costs $119.99 a month (down from 209.99), and offers CPUs with 4 cores at 3.3Ghz, 8 threads, 1TB mirrored storage, 16GB RAM, 15TB bandwidth, 1 domain and 5 IP addresses.

All plans come with 30-day money back guarantee and include free SSL. As of now, they have an offer to upgrade your dedicated standard hosting plan for no additional cost and includes 4×2.5GHx CPU and 1TB storage. Some of their other important features are:

  • RAID Level 1 support on high storage dedicated servers
  • cPanel dedicated server for optional root access
  • Storage upgrade as you need it
  • PHP 5.4, 5.6 and 7 support
  • SSD drives


  • Free SSL is included with each of the plans, which saved you on additional expenditure
  • Affordable pricing when compared with other providers
  • WordPress-endorsed host
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Great uptime


ipage dedicated server hosting

iPage is run by the same folks who own Hostgator and Bluehost, and by that account, it makes them a reputed company. Started in 1998 (and acquired in 2010 by Endurance International Group), iPage offers over 300 domain extensions and serves over 1 million websites. It has data centers in the United States and also offers cheap VPS dedicated servers. 

Like their competitors, they offer 3 competitive plans for dedicated hosting:

  • Startup: Prices start at $119.99 per month (down from $149.99), and the plan includes 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB disk space, 5TB of bandwidth, 3 IP addresses, free 1-year domain registration, CentOS 6.4 and cPanel.
  • Professional: Prices start at $151.99 per month (down from $194.99), and the plan includes 4-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, 1,000GB disk space, 10TB of bandwidth and 4 IP addresses.
  • Enterprise: Prices start at $191.99 per month (down from $239.99), and the plan includes 4-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 1,000GB disk space, 15TB of bandwidth and 5 IP addresses.

All plans include free 1-year domain registration, CentOS 6.4 and cPanel. They come pre-installed scripts including  PHP5, Perl and Python. They are for an initial term of 12, 24 or 36 months and do not include VAT. Other features include:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Optimum security and speed
  • Seamless migration options
  • Sitelock
  • DDoS protection


  • Competitively priced
  • 24/7 customer support on all channels such as tickets, chat, email and phone
  • Free domain with every plan
  • Can be scaled up easily as and when required
  • Beginner friendly 


Hostwinds Dedicated Server Hosting

This is a company that has made its name by offering “fast and affordable” options. The company was launched in 2010 to provide cost-effective prices, responsive support and great infrastructure. They have a robust product line, offer multiple hosting options and are a hit with its clients for providing a clean interface for the non-tech savvy.

Hostwinds offers comprehensive and customizable pricing plans. Their plans start from $79.50 and go all the way up to $191 per month. You have a selection of operating systems, ranging from CentOS (6,7), Fedora (24, 25, 26), Windows (many server options), Debian 9 and Ubuntu. You can select a mix and match from HDDs (or SSDs), a selection of RAM (8-16GB), customizable IP addresses (8-128) and bandwidth (10TB to unmetered).

Other features include:

  • 1GBPS ports
  • Nightly backups
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL Lock
  • PHP/MySQL/Perl support


  • Knowledgeable customer support staff
  • Amazing website performance
  • Fully managed websites
  • Nightly backups
  • Round-the-clock protection

What to Look for in Cheap Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server offers enhanced security and unparalleled speeds. Choosing a cheap dedicated hosting option may sound difficult since these web hosting services come at a high price compared with other services, you would want to sign up with the right host right from the word go. There are certain factors that come into play when you’re looking at cheap dedicated hosting to help you make this decision and we take a deeper look at them below:


This article is all about cheap dedicated hosting, “cheap” being the operative word. But being cheap does not necessarily mean sub-standard service or poor quality. What you are looking for is something cost effective and something that will benefit you in your operations without compromising on the service quality. You need to make sure to choose an option which is customizable and does not offer you services that you will never use or need. Based on your operations, you should ask yourself if you really need to spend those extra dollars on an SSD or if you need the most premium plan?

Managed or Unmanaged?

Depending on the size of your business, this is an important factor to consider. If you have a large business, you probably do not have time to physically manage the site by yourself. Choosing a managed hosting option will free you from these responsibilities, as the provider will do tasks such as backups, software upgrades, security management and other monitoring.

You can be sure of complete support, and troubleshooting solutions throughout the tenure of your subscription. This is ideal for those who do not have an IT department and would save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Unmanaged hosting, on the other hand, is for those who like to be more hands-on. If you have a self-operated website, you are likely to do the software updates and troubleshooting all by yourself, since hiring a server administrator would certainly cost you more. This would save you a bit of money but could be a hassle in the long run as your business grows.

Bandwidth Limit

Quite a few hosts (and two that are listed here; HostWinds and Hostgator) offer unmetered bandwidth. This simply means that they are offering bandwidth at a set amount (for example, let’s assume 500Mbps) that you can use as much as required. There would be no cap for the amount of data that you transfer at that speed.

So, if you are somebody whose website sees a lot of updating on a daily basis, unmetered bandwidth is an excellent option because the host will charge you at a predictable rate per without being bothered about how much data you use.


The main three factors to look for while choosing a dedicated host for your business are the processor, the RAM and the hard drives.

  • Processor: To know exactly what type of processor you would need for your requirement, you should consult the software vendor or someone who is managing your applications, and consider the expected number of users. Almost all providers offer varied plans based on the number of cores and processors in a server.
  • RAM: Are you unsure about the amount of RAM you need? Some servers will allow you to add more RAM as required. Lately, DDR4 RAM has become the industry standard and is priced accordingly.
  • Hard Drives: If you are conscious of the security of your servers, you may want to choose RAID drives, in case a single hard drive fails. A lot of providers are offering SSD drives these days, which are much, much faster than the SATA drives.


You need your online presence to be available at all times to your customers, and for this, the host should be able to provide you the maximum uptime. If you have a website that caters to numerous users, this is very important because the impact of downtime can be devastating, including the loss of customers.


The risk of an outage or an attack is minimized because you are the only one using that particular server. For the same reason, you can be sure that you are not sharing that space with a spammer or a malicious website.


As we know, shared hosting works for most businesses, and is quite inexpensive. But as your business grows and you need more flexibility and space for your needs, you would need to consider using dedicated servers. And while choosing a provider, you should not just get stuck on considering just the price, but also how the company has performed in the past, and that can be gauged by the type of customer service they provide. We hope this guide will help you determine the best service provider for your needs.