The Best Minecraft Hosting Companies in the World – Updated for 2020


In the gaming world, Minecraft is colossal. It took gaming to new highs and revolutionized it entirely. I’m sure many will agree with it.

It all started in 2009, when it went against convention and reshaped the entire gaming community. It broke all the rules and brought a new standard.

I really doubt Markus Person, the genius who created the game, dared to imagine how big Minecraft would get. A real giant in the industry. He marked his place in history.

Let’s admit it, the graphics were really basic even for 2009. However, the beauty of its graphic weren’t the deal here, the real attraction of Minecraft was its exciting multiplayer option, which allowed players from all over the world to get together and play.

Its multiplayer option brought it to success, selling more than 100 million copies and getting over 91 million online monthly players. Huge numbers, to be honest.

You’re part of those 91 million gamers, and you know that for hosting this game you need a reliable and fast hosting, and just any will not do the trick.

You need something especially made for it, and that’s why I’m going to share with you the best Minecraft hosting companies of 2020.

They will bring you an outstanding performance – extreme speed and reliability – and bring you enough resources and flexibility to adapt the game to your likes.

Just keep reading to know more about the top 3 companies that will make your Minecraft dreams come true. They are easy to use, powerful, fast and extremely reliable. Exactly what you need.

Here you have the top 3 options:

  • Game Servers
  • Minecraft Server Hosting
  • Enjin

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so, just read and enjoy!

Game Servers: Why Is It Great for Minecraft?

The go-to servers for all gamers, because it is great for Minecraft, Call of Duty, Rust and many other popular games. It is a top choice in the world of gaming, because it delivers a sweet and satisfying performance.

No lags, no bugs and extreme reliability.

If you decide to choose Game Servers, you will enjoy generous scalability and range, and furthermore, it is very easy to customize for Minecraft, because you can install everything you need with one click.

Some 3rd party will require a bit of work, but it is not time consuming, and honestly, it is very easy to do. You will be running your server in no time.

Furthermore, their customer support service is amazing, because they will answer your questions very fast, and if you check online, you will see that it is 100% true. They live up to the hype.

Its CMS makes it easy to integrate all sort of plugins, extensions and add-ons. For example, if you want to set up a donation store, you can do it easily. The sky is the limit with Game Servers.

You can tailor the website and in-game experience exactly to your plans and expectations, and I’m sure that you will love the final result, especially since you have a helpful customer support team ready to help you.

You have a wide myriad of plugins to super-charge the gaming experience to all of your gamers:

  • Tekkit
  • ChestShop
  • McMMO
  • iConomy
  • Essentials
  • WordEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • CommandBook
  • Factions
  • GodPowers

And this is just a small sample, because their library is HUGE!

I really mean that the sky is the limit, because you can even upload your own custom plugins. You can really tailor the entire experience as you please.

Reviewing In-game Chat: How Great Is It?

Proper in-game chat is essential for Minecraft, because it allows users to communicate clearly, which is a necessary component for multiplayer games.

Fortunately, Game Servers is amazing in this aspect. They bring you three choices for in-game chat:

  • Ventrilo
  • Mumble
  • TeamSpeak

All you need to do is to choose your favorite platform and have a server to manage it specifically. It is very easy to set up, as the interface is intuitive.

Game Servers offers you massive geographical coverage, and what makes it even better is that you can switch between different servers as you please.

Overall, you will love the in-game chat features at Game Servers. Everything is integrated and very easy to set up, so you can get going as soon as possible.

More about Game Servers:

They have been in the game for almost one decade, and since then, they have offered a majestic experience to their customers, and you are next.

They can host over 400,000 customers without problems. Every single one – including you – will get a superior performance. They are trusted by seasoned game developers, experienced gamers and high-quality studios like Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

Super Reliable Customer Support:

At Game Servers, you will get 24/7 customer support service. Their performance is super reliable, but if you ever face an issue, they will sort it out very fast.

They have a dedicated team ready to assist you when you need it the most. That’s why gamers love it, because their customer support is beyond excellent.

Powerful Servers:

They have 36 powerful servers worldwide, which means that you will get unparalleled performance. It is essential for multiplayer games, because it allows gamers from all over the world to play together without issues.

Thanks to Game Servers, you will not experience lag. You will enjoy a smooth and fast experience when playing Minecraft, especially because it allows you to switch between servers easily and for FREE. You can change your data center location up to 4 times per month, per server.

They are powered by Dual Quadcore technology – and thanks to the premium worldwide network – the performance will be unparalleled.

Their servers are equipped with the latest hardware and cutting-edge software, along with a robust and safe infrastructure.

In conclusion, you will get a superior performance.

About ClanPay:

Game Servers puts ClanPay at your disposal, so you can set up a community to share the costs of running the server. A good alternative to in-game donations and stores.

It is very easy to use and you can set up different payments methods like credit and debit cards and PayPal, just to name a few.

Game Servers will make your life much easier and practical!

Excellent Pricing:

A lot of value for a fair price, what else can you ask for?

You can start for as low as just a few euros per month, which is perfect for many gamers. However, if you want to take things to the next level, you can order their dedicated servers, which will bring you all the resources you need.

It offers you tons of value for the price. A no brainer!

Bottom Line – Closing Thoughts:

It is a different offering to Enjin. It is unique in its kind, because you get a lot more flexibility and space to do whatever you please with your server.

It is perfect for Minecraft, but as you have seen, you can also use it for a wide myriad of games. Furthermore, you get access to the richest library of plugins in the internet, tons of one-click installs and features that will make your life easier, especially if you are not very tech-savvy.

Unlike Enjin, it does not include a website builder or integrated forum, but in exchange you get a better platform with far more freedom. The boundaries are taken down.

If you have vision and ambition with your plans, Game Servers will suit you better than Enjin. Take it for granted. You will get far more flexibility and freedom to do what you please.

Their server network is beyond belief. It is amazing and revolutionary, because it has 36 locations across the globe.

You can choose your server location and switch as needed, a feature that most companies don’t offer you, and everything for free. How can you beat such a great advantage?

They also offer you amazing in-game features, which proves that Game Servers adapts to the needs of their customers and the gaming community in general. They collect the feedback and apply it.

Their pricing starts low and you scale as much as you please, because as your server grows, you will need more resources, but worry not, because Game Servers makes it very easy to accomplish.

I picked this company because it is perfect for those who have a clear vision of what they want to do and feel somewhat limited with other services. Game Servers is the perfect solution, because it brings you all the freedom, functions and resources you need to make your dreams of Minecraft come true.

However, truth be told, if you are a total beginner, then Enjin might be a better option for you, but if you are willing to go through a small learning curve, you will get to love Game Servers. Guaranteed.

Minecraft Server Hosting: Why Should You Trust It?

It has been around since Minecraft launched and disrupted the gaming community around the globe. It is old, reputable and efficient. A perfect blend, if you ask me.

This company has been hosting multiplayer games since the Alpha release in 2010, and according to reviews, they have offered a solid performance since then.

Furthermore, they are real fans of Minecraft like you, and you will notice it in every aspect of their service, because when you love what you do, you definitively make customers feel it.

Their packages cap the server nodes so you can get full allocation of resources, which means that you will get a superb performance no matter what, even if another user in the server is overburdening it.

Such a feature makes it a little pricier; however, it is totally worth it. Just keep reading to see the tremendous value that Minecraft Server Hosting offers you.

Amazing Server Performance:

If you are looking for an excellent server performance, Minecraft Server Hosting will meet your expectation, and perhaps, surpass them completely.

It is really that good.

They place 50% less users on a server node than the competition, which means that:

  • You will get more resources
  • Your game will run much faster and without lags
  • Less chances of overburdening

It is slightly more expensive, sure, but the performance is worth it, because you will get more value for your money.

You are getting hosted in top-quality servers equipped with the latest advances in hardware and software technology. Enough to see its tremendous value.

An Analysis of the Powerful Servers:

You should know that Minecraft is hungry for resources. You need plenty of them to run it properly, otherwise, the quality of your gaming experience will decrease.

That’s why normal hosting will never cut it, but fortunately, Minecraft Server Hosting and its powerful servers are the answer you are looking for.

They have upgraded the hardware of their services, equipped them with powerful Xeon processors, and enhanced them with SSD drives for super-fast speed.

The SSD drives make a noticeable difference, because it will make Minecraft run as smoothly as possible. Forget about lags, because they will be part of the past!

If your current hosting services doesn’t use SSD drives, you are missing out a lot! It’s time to switch, because once you feel the difference, you will understand my excitement!

Every machine is isolated, to offer you a superior performance, because they don’t share operating system files with other services. To make everything run optimally, the servers run on Linux.

Overall, you will get a solid performance that will leave you astonished!

A Highly Efficient Network:

Minecraft Service Hosting handles their network very seriously, because it is a key element for ensuring an optimal multiplayer experience.

They don’t have as many locations as Game Servers, but the quality of their hardware makes up for it.

Overall, they have several datacenters and they have configured their network in a way that ensures optimal latency for every single gamer using your server.

Affordable Pricing:

Now it is time to talk about the money, and fortunately, it is very affordable.

They offer you three main packages:

  1. Lower up to 50 users
  2. Midup to 75 users
  3. Topup to 100 users

The prices go from $29 to $49, which is pretty affordable, especially when you can allow other people in your clan to help you with the payment.

A bit more expensive than competition, but trust me, it is definitively worth it!

Bottom Line – Closing Thoughts:

Minecraft Server Hosting saw a huge problem in the market: tons of cheap Minecraft servers that offered a detrimental quality. Tons of lags, scarce resources and a bad performance.

They decided to do something about it, and hence, they brought a different concept to the table. By offering a service better than the 99% of competition, which although more expensive, it is definitively worth it.

High-tech SSD drives, cutting-edge processors, a robust infrastructure and a powerful network.

That’s how it can deliver a superior performance, and if it is the main concern for you, then you will be satisfied with Minecraft Server Hosting!

They are veterans in the market, so, they know what they are doing. They have been around since the launch of Minecraft, and their performance has earned them tons of fans around the globe.

So, the answer is easy, if top performance is your main goal, this company has got everything you need.

Enjin: Is It Worth It?

A total beginner? You will love Enjin, the perfect Minecraft hosting for newcomers1

They have built their own Minecraft CMS that is intuitive and easy to use, so, setting up your server and game will be an effortless and smooth process.

You can set up your own community as well, because they have an integrated website and forum builder. Everything you need.

It is very easy to customize everything as per your needs and expectation without having to be very savvy when it comes to technological. Even the less-technical beginner will be able to use it without problems!

Bukkit: Donation Plugin + Donation Store

Donations are a great way to help paying for a server, especially when it uses a lot of resources. Fortunately, Enjin makes it easy because it integrated the donation plugin and donation store by Bukkit.

You can use both extensions for free. If you want to monetize your community, or simply get your clan members to help you to pay the fee of running the server, these extensions will save your life.

It takes of everything that is technical so you can keep running your server without problems.

It is connected to tons of payment methods like 2Checkout and PayPal, so you can capture payments without writing a single line of code.

Furthermore, you can configure sales as you please and even incentivize them with coupons.

You can set up the plugin easily and get it running in no time, and if you ever need help, you can always reach out to customer support.

Includes Votifier:

Voting for diamonds and rewards is a very big deal for Minecraft gamers, and that is why Enjin integrated a solution for it. Say goodbye to 3rd party scripts forever.

You can use Votifier because it is built within the Minecraft CMS. It is very easy to set up and run, so, if you ever want to run something like this, now you can do it in a very easy way.

Flawless In-Game Sync:

Syncing your website and in-game server is a very technical and tedious process. At least that’s the case for the majority of services, however, Enjin makes it very easy for you, because you can do it with just a few clicks.

The plugin handles all the heavy lifting, even taking care of aspects like upgrading a user after they register, link your server directly to your website and all sort of extra functions.

If you ever need help with the process, all you need to do is to reach out the customer support team or post in the Enjin forums and you will get an answer as soon as possible.

Integrated Forum:

Enjin makes it easy to set up a forum for your community, because unlike other platform, it makes the process easy and painless.

It is integrated with the server and in-game server, so, it will run smoothly.

Cutting Edge Multi Server Support:

Scalability is doable and easy thanks to Enjin, because you can up to 10 different servers to a single website.

You can synchronize all of your plugins and take care of everything from one place.

You can set up multiple donation stores and rankings for each server, all without bothering with coding and other technical aspects of running a server.

Enjin takes it to the next level – because even though other companies offer this feature – their platform is far more intuitive and easier to use.


Fair Pricing:

If you want to give it a try, you can choose the free trial. However, if you want to enjoy everything it has to offer, make sure to choose their paid plans.

You have two packages:

  • Advanced – Mumble server access + file storage + mobile forums at only $10
  • Ultimate – Everything from Advanced + Automation + DDoS protection at only $30

As you can see, their pricing is very fair, especially for all the value they offer you.

Amazing Website Builder:

They make it easy to set up a beautiful and functional website thanks to their cutting-edge builder.

You can create a beautiful and stunning website without messing around with code, all thanks to their integrated builder.

You can also pick a theme and edit it easily, so you can launch your website as soon as possible.

Want to write your own code? No worries, because it also makes it easy to write, configure and design your own website as per your needs. ​

Bottom Line – Closing Thoughts:

The biggest strength of Enjin is that it puts a top-quality Minecraft hosting service at your disposal with the most intuitive and user-friendly interface in the market.

It was created thinking about beginners and users who don’t want to take care of the technical aspects of running a server and simply want to go straight to the point.

You can do everything thanks to Enjin:

  • Set up your own Minecraft server
  • Customize it easily
  • Build your own beautiful website
  • Set up your own forum for your community
  • Access to tons of plugins and extensions

In conclusion, you will love this solid solution, especially if you are a beginner or a gamer who wants to keep things as easy as possible.

Which Minecraft Server Hosting Service Is Right For You?

I’d love to summarize it all to only 1 option, but as you can easily guess, your needs, my needs and the needs of everyone else will always differ, and hence, we need to have more options in the pool.

If you are still unsure about which one to pick, no worries, let me help you.

When Should You Choose Game Servers?

If you want more flexibility and freedom, then Game Server is the way to go.

You will have tons of plugins at your disposal and several customization options, bringing you much wider boundaries for setting up your server.

Their packages are very easy to scale as you grow, so that’s another benefit.

In a nutshell, if you know what you are doing and need more flexibility and customization features, then Game Servers is the best choice for you!

When Should You Choose Minecraft Server Hosting?

If performance is above all the rest, then you should choose Minecraft Server Hosting, because their cutting-edge servers use the latest hardware in the market.

SSD drives and powerful processors make its performance simply unbeatable.

They are not the cheapest in the market, but performance wise, they are your best choice.

When Should You Choose Enjin?

If you are a total beginner or simply don’t have enough technical knowledge, then Enjin is your best choice.

If you have never set up a server before, then again, Enjin is your best pick.

Their custom-built CMS and easy-to-use plugins will make your life much easier, because you can build and monetize your own community, as well as run your server without problems.